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Today is my 30th birthday. 30 years. I’d like to make this post about a few things that make up who I am. People, places, music, movies, games, and everything else that I’ve encountered has in some way, small or big, touched my life. I won’t get into everything, but I do wish to share a few things I think made the biggest impact on me from each category. Music ________________________________ Huey Lewis and the News My first music CD given to me by my mom. I really don’t know…read more



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I was busy playing Super Mario 3D Land since last post. I usually can’t put it down until I completely finish everything through and through. I’ve finished collecting 320+ Star Medals, Gold Flag completed all the stages with both Mario and Luigi, as well as got a 5-Star rating on the save file. So, needless to say I’m pretty much done. Luckily, I bought Mario Kart 7 to keep me going. But I’ll be taking my time with that one. Lately, as you could probably tell, I’ve really been ramping…read more