Internet Meme Appreciation

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In a follow up to my previous post that let my blog readers pick my license plate frame wording, I decided to update now that “Do A Barrel Roll” probably isn’t the thing you want to be reading behind a Toyota Prius due to the recent problems people have been having with the 2010 models. In case you were living under a rock my previous “Do A Barrel Roll” derives from “Star Fox 64” a Nintendo 64 game that came out in 1997. It was an instant classic, but over…read more


My Apple Netbook, aka: My Little Bundle of Joy.

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Apple, Netbook. Two things that have yet to be put together. Of course, if you want sleek and thin you have the Macbook Air. But really, who has $1800 laying around for the luxury of having a compact laptop? And by the way, I want a compact laptop Apple, not a thinner one. What is the point of having a laptop that although only 3/4th’s of an inch thick but is still the same size as a macbook width/length wise? On to other means of obtaining a compact laptop. In…read more


You Decide: License Plate Frame Saying

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So, I like to customize things. Who doesn’t? I have a small problem though, I can’t make up my mind! So, Im relying on you and the rest of the twitterverse to help me. I got one of these license plate frames that allow you to put your own “saying” around your plate. I’m sure you’ve seen them before. It comes with letters and numbers and pieces you can “snap in” so it looks like it was made that way. Well, I cant seem to figure out a good saying, so…read more