From Pong to Alternate Trans-realities

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Do video games have a place in the art world? Of course they do, not only if you were to ask any of the gamers who own at least one console, PC, or smartphone themselves but the United States Supreme Court as well, according to the ruling in 2010-2011 of Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association. The ruling falls under the 1st Amendment, and thus is considered creative, intellectual, emotional forms of expressions and engagement. A ban on video games would not have only imposed a great disservice to the market but…read more



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I was busy playing Super Mario 3D Land since last post. I usually can’t put it down until I completely finish everything through and through. I’ve finished collecting 320+ Star Medals, Gold Flag completed all the stages with both Mario and Luigi, as well as got a 5-Star rating on the save file. So, needless to say I’m pretty much done. Luckily, I bought Mario Kart 7 to keep me going. But I’ll be taking my time with that one. Lately, as you could probably tell, I’ve really been ramping…read more


progress on the iphone webapp

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Well I’ve been a bit busy with work but I finally managed to squeeze some time in today and tomorrow hopefully for the iPhone webapp version of my site. I got the basic layout for the sketches gallery down; which is the groundwork for all the other areas that use gallery type pages such as photos and design work. Once I format the images for those 3 galleries I only have one more section to go before I put the finishing touches on it. It’s coming along nicely if I…read more