progress on the iphone webapp

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Well I’ve been a bit busy with work but I finally managed to squeeze some time in today and tomorrow hopefully for the iPhone webapp version of my site. I got the basic layout for the sketches gallery down; which is the groundwork for all the other areas that use gallery type pages such as photos and design work. Once I format the images for those 3 galleries I only have one more section to go before I put the finishing touches on it. It’s coming along nicely if I do say so myself.

Something unrelated to web design, I decided to work on a new art project that gets my hands a bit dirty. I must admit it is not an original idea of mine but rather a borrowed one from another awesome fellow I read about. It would be a huge NES controller as a coffee table. Tomorrow Im off to go scope out the tools that I have & need to get started.
I think I’m going to call it quits for the computer for the night, I need me some good ol’ grand theft auto, pedestrian hitting, bat bashing, knife stabbing action from me xbox360.