From Pong to Alternate Trans-realities

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Do video games have a place in the art world? Of course they do, not only if you were to ask any of the gamers who own at least one console, PC, or smartphone themselves but the United States Supreme Court as well, according to the ruling in 2010-2011 of Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association. The ruling falls under the 1st Amendment, and thus is considered creative, intellectual, emotional forms of expressions and engagement. A ban on video games would not have only imposed a great disservice to the market but…read more


The Future of Art Museums

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CEO of Collections Trust +Nick Poole talks about how art museums are structured and how to improve the guest experience, bringing interest both online and offline. If I had my own museum this would definitely be how I would run things, that’s just me though.


Upload your DSLR shots instantly

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I finally got my hands on an Eye-Fi X2 Pro 8GB SD Card and was extremely excited to see the possibilities it would allow me to do. If you haven’t heard, Eye-Fi creates SD cards with Wi-Fi chips embedded inside them allowing you to take pictures with your SD card compatible camera (point-and-shoot or DSLR) and instantly have it uploaded to a social media or photo sharing website of your choice. In the beginning the only drawback was that your computer and camera both had to be on the same…read more