Philosophy in 8-Bit

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Its always been well known that video games enhance your brain skills and behavior patterns for the better. Proven improved visual attention and eye-hand coordination are the obvious traits that games can hone in on, but what about other things like expanding your knowledge and perception of the world? No doubt there are plenty of video games that try to target math, memory, and problem solving   skills like Brain Age, Earthpedia, and Lumosity – but what about subjects like Philosophy? In comes “8-Bit Philosophy” to the rescue. It’s not a video game but rather, YouTube videos of 8-bit game sprites and worlds to paint a very understandable picture of some of the more grander and more complex philosophical ideas that are more popular in the world today. Posted below are the links to the 10 episodes, I hope you enjoy them as they combined two of my favorite things – Video Games and Philosophy!


Episode 1: What is Real? (Plato’s Allegory of the Cave)

Episode 2: Does SCIENCE = TRUTH? (Nietzsche’s Critique of Science)


Episode 3: Do Humans Operate Like Computers? (Kant’s Moral Philosophy)


Episode 4: Can We Be Certain of Anything? (Descartes and Cartesian Doubt)


Episode 5: Do We Enjoy Being Free? (Sarte on Bad Faith)


Episode 6: Is Change An Illusion? (Zeno’s Paradoxes)


Episode 7: Does Rationality Give Life Meaning? (Kierkegaard)


Episode 8: Is There An End To History? (Hegel and the Philosophy of History)


Episode 9: What is Marxism? (Karl Marx on Communism and Super Mario Bros.)


Episode 10: Are You Authentic? (Heidegger and River City Ransom)


If you like to keep up with this series, be sure to check out the site at if any new episodes have been released, or follow them on Twitter at @8BitPhilosophy