Philosophy in 8-Bit II

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Time for Part II of 8-bit Philosophy. The following videos are put together by Wisecrack in an effort to educate using sprites from past 8-bit games within the context of teaching philosophy concepts. They are relatively short and to the point, great for sharing with any video game enthusiast.  They have put out over a dozen so far, and more coming every so often. Their content has been shown on Huffington Post, Wired, Nerdist, and others. Perhaps one day they’ll dive into 16-bit sprites. Check out the next ten segments below to expand your mind.

Episode 11: Why Shouldn’t We Commit Suicide?


Episode 12: Time is a Flat Circle?


Episode 13: What is Woman?


Episode 14: What If You Could Get Away With Anything?


Episode 15: Are Your Actions Good?


Episode 16: Is a Cat a Cat?


Episode 17: Who Was Machiavelli?


Episode 18: Who Was Socrates?


Episode 19: Do We Need Government?


Episode 20: What Is Evil?

If you like to keep up with this series, be sure to check out their site at for new episodes, or follow them on Twitter at @8BitPhilosophy.