Philosophy in 8-Bit III

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Another post of 8-bit Philosophy goodness. Currently in its 30th video, Wisecracks YouTube channel hosts all the content for these amazing videos in an effort to educate using sprites from past 8-bit games within the context of teaching philosophy concepts. I’m fairly certain this will be the final post with these videos, as I’d like to move onto other topics and articles to share. You can still continue to watch all the future 8-bit videos by subscribing to their channel linked below.

Episode 21: Does Privilege Matter?


Episode 22: Is Capitalism Bad For You?


Episode 23: Why Do Haters Hate?


Episode 24: Does Christianity Make Us Weak?


Episode 25: Is The American Dream a Sham?


Episode 26: Is God Useful?


Episode 27: Can We Trust the Media?


Episode 28: Do We Crave Fascism?


Episode 29: Should Animals Have Human Rights?


Episode 30: Is Technology Killing Your Creativity?

If you like to keep up with this series, be sure to check out their site at for new episodes, or follow them on Twitter at @8BitPhilosophy.