From Calculators to the Singularity

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Technology has shaped the course of human history for generations and will continue to do so. I’d like to share a few of the notable ones that have contributed to where we are now and eventually lead into future posts regarding where we will head. The documentary producers, museum docents and video uploader’s are all greatly appreciated for their assistance in making this post possible. For brevity sake I will not be able to point out every single notable computer or technology leap but for now, let’s go back to…read more


Through The Looking Glass

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I’ve been able to play with Google Glass for a month so far and I’ve really enjoyed the technology and can see how wearable technology will be the next step in inviting computers into our lives. The best potential is best seen with the below video demonstrations within the medical industry. The many products now of days that influence our health and improve it like digital smart watches, wifi weight scales, computer glasses will dramatically boost our health awareness. Privacy is always a concern when interacting with these new technologies,…read more


Artificial Trust or Bust

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Man has been caught up with creating artificial beings since antiquity. Aristotle established the idea of replacing slaves with machines. The dawn of digital computing paved the way for developing complex machines that are now capable of carrying out human tasks in all areas of life. Computer science experts around the world are helping with the advancement of new ways to help humans interact and ultimately blend with technology. But the question remains, how dependent should we be on the upcoming technology when we reach the point of weaving it…read more